Investors in Aviation Safety

Safeskies has the enthusiastic cooperation and support of the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport. Between conferences, Safeskies cultivates dialogue between commercial and government sectors on issues and developments bearing on aviation safety.The Safeskies safety facilitation and promotion task receives recognition and support from all sectors of aviation: airlines and other operators, airports, service providers, the Australian Defence Forces, and government regulators and other instrumentalities.

Current “Investors in Aviation Safety” are:

Aerosafe Risk Management
Airbus Group Australia Pacific
Airservices Australia
Airshows Downunder
Agusta Westland
Australian Aviation
Australian Federation of Air Pilots
Australian & International Pilots Association
Australian Parachute Federation
Air Sport Australia Confederation
Australian Transport Safety Bureau
Aviation Australia
Aviation Business-Asia Pacific
BAE Systems
BHP Billiton
Civil Aviation Safety Authority – CASA
Crisp Galleries
Department of Defence
Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development
Flight Safety Foundation
Gliding Federation of Australia
The Honourable Company of Air Pilots
Lockheed Martin
QANTAS Airways Limited
Raytheon Australian
Recreational Aviation Australian
REX Airlines
Royal Aeronautical Society – Australian Division
SAAB Australia
THALES Australia
Australian Industry Standards
Virgin Australia
Dick Smith Investments Pty Ltd

Why Safeskies needs your support

Safeskies is largely dependent on financial support from industry and government, as it works to maximize conference accessibility through low delegate fees.

Your return from supporting Safeskies

Your involvement with Safeskies will be internationally recognised.

You will be promoted widely as an ‘investor in aviation safety’.

Your organisation will be seen as a leader in aviation and associated with Safeskies’ uniquely authoritative and distinguished profile.

Your support will be acknowledged in all promotional material prior to and during the conference.

Involvement in industry discussions, networking and collaboration.