Safeskies was founded in late 1992 as a sub-committee of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Australia (CILTA). Safeskies Australia was incorporated separately in 2001; and held the first Safeskies conference in October 1993.

Last year’s 2019 Safeskies conference was the fourteenth conference in the series, held biennially in Australia’s national capital, Canberra.

Safeskies Aviation Safety Conferences

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Over the years, Safeskies has brought to Australia a number of well-known aviation personnel, including the first keynote speaker, John J Nance. Nance, a pilot, is a leader and a pioneer in both aviation and medical safety and quality, and for almost 20 years has been a familiar face to North American television audiences as the aviation analyst for ABC World News and Good Morning America.

Other distinguished speakers have included: space pioneer Dr Bill Gaubatz (Delta-Clipper space project); two chiefs of the RAAF; the NTSB Board Chairman, Mark Rosenker; former Chairman, CAA UK, Sir Roy McNulty; Director of the Air Navigation Bureau (ICAO) Ms Nancy Graham; and most recently, Secretary-General of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Dr Fang Liu.

Safeskies has focused from time to time on a range of themes, including ‘Setting the right aviation safety culture’; ‘Safety in the globalised economy’; Learning the lessons of the past’; ‘Making safety management systems work’; and ‘Training and change’.

Safeskies is now a well-established event on the aviation calendar, recognised as a significant aviation safety conference in Australasia and the southern hemisphere.