About Safeskies

Safeskies was founded in late 1992 as a sub-committee of the CILTA and incorporated separately in 2001; and held the first Conference in October 1993. The 2013 Safeskies Conference will be the eleventh conference in the series.

Safeskies Aviation Safety Conferences

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Over the years, Safeskies has brought to Australia a number of well known aviation personnel, including first keynote speaker Mr John Nance. Other distinguished speakers have included space pioneer Dr Bill Gaubatz (Delta-Clipper space project); two Chiefs of the RAAF; NTSB Board Chairman, Mark Rosenker; Former Chairman, CAA UK, Sir Roy McNulty; and Director of the Air Navigation Bureau (ICAO) Ms Nancy Graham.

The theme for the 2015 Conference is ‘Training and Change’. Safeskies has focused from time to time on a range of themes, including ‘Setting the right aviation safety culture’; ‘Safety in the globalised economy’; Learning the lessons of the past’; and ‘Making safety management systems work’.

The Conference is now well established, and is recognised as a significant Aviation Safety Conference in Australasia and the southern hemisphere.