Successful sky dive for Safeskies President and Qantaslink CEO

On 15 December, Safeskies President Emeritus Peter Lloyd made a tandem sky
dive in Canberra to celebrate his 95th birthday.
This was the fourth in a series of birthday jumps for Mr Lloyd, that began in
2000 with a tandem sky dive to celebrate his 80th birthday.
However, the difference this time was that Mr Lloyd is now blind.
For the jump master to whom Mr Lloyd was attached, Paul Smith, it was also a
notable occasion, as it was his 11,111 tandem sky dive.
Mr Lloyd is also the honorary Governor of the Australian Air Sport
Confederation, as well as being President of Honour of the World Air Sport
controlling body, Federation Aeronautique, which has 130 nations as members.
The Australian Parachute Federation, under whose auspices this 95th birthday
sky dive was conducted, has 168,000 members.
In 2016 the APF is sending a team of over 50 Australian parachutists to North
America to compete in the World Parachute Championships. The team will be
led by APF CEO, Brad Turner, himself a one-time world champion with more
12,000 parachute descents to his credit. The team will fly Qantas to North
At the same time as the Lloyd sky dive, also flying tandem, Captain John
Gissing, CEO of QantasLink, made his first sky dive; with he and Mr Lloyd
free falling above Parliament House, Canberra from 14,000 feet.
John Gissing was entranced by the thrill and beauty of flying without an
aeroplane and is a convert looking forward to his next jump.
The whole event was recorded by Australia’s predominant APF photographer
Shane Sparks, who wore his gear on his helmet in the free fall. Accompanying
him was the President of the Australian Parachute Federation, Graham Hill, a
noted aircraft pilot with over 10,000 parachute descents to his credit.
In Mr Lloyd’s words, “It was a truly wonderful birthday”.

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