AVALON – 26th February 2015

The 2015 Avalon seminar will be held on the morning of Thursday 26th February 2015 from 09.15am.

Papers to be presented will comprise;

  • SQNLDR Steve Ferguson, Executive Officer 36 SQN on: “The Australian Defence Force Aviation Safety Management System (ASMS) – turning Safety into capability”.
  • tba: USAF F22 Pilot on : Flying the F22
  • Mr Cameron Heathwood of AMSA on: The search for the missing Malaysian Airlines B777, Flight MH 370.
  • Dr Rob Lee AO on: SMS: Integrating Risk Management and Investigation

The Avalon Seminar will be of interest to all associated with Aviation.

  • To gain knowledge of up-to-date air safety theory and techniques, and
  • To network with other aviation safety professionals.

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