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Safeskies 2019 will be held in Canberra between 15-17 October 2019.

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Welcome to Safeskies Australia

What is Safeskies?

Safeskies is a promoter and educator of aviation safety.

Safeskies facilitates access to the world’s best researchers and practitioners in aviation safety.

Safeskies provides cross fertilisation of aviation safety matters for all sectors of the aviation industry, both civil and military.

Safeskies aims to find the best possible solutions to the issues and challenges confronting the aviation industry on the global stage.

Safeskies is funded widely by government and industry groups with an interest in aviation safety, but it operates independently of all such groups; and this independence allows for a non-partisan approach to aviation safety issues.


How does Safeskies do this?

Safeskies runs the premiere aviation safety conference focused solely on the aviation safety issues which have a current high-profile or are emerging as the next generation of challenges.

The biennial conference is preceded by the Sir Reginald Ansett Memorial Lecture and Dinner, held in the Great Hall at Australia’s Parliament House.

The conference features the elite of aviation safety experts, both local and international.

The conference attracts all the key players in aviation safety from Australia, and many from the immediate region and further afield, providing unique opportunities.

Safaeskies also participates as a convenor of forums on aviation safety matters.


Who are the people behind Safeskies?

The Board Members of Safeskies are people with the experience and skills to make a substantial contribution towards achieving the goals of the organisation. Many of them are noted members of the aviation community and provide valuable insight into the sectors they represent.

The Safeskies board is refreshed from time to time to ensure that new ideas and perspectives are injected into the organisation.

Safeskies also has a permanent secretariat which provides continuity and connectivity.

Safeskies employs the experience and skills of former board members, now Life Members, as advisors to the board.


Why Industry and Government need Safeskies

Safeskies provides a unique forum for addressing safety issues in all aviation sectors.

Safeskies has a global reputation that attracts speakers and delegates who are leaders in their fields.

Safeskies is the only Australian forum that holistically covers both civil and defence aviation safety.

As one senior executive said: ‘If Safeskies didn’t exist, we would have to invent it.’

Safeskies’ independence allows it to explore and deliver on issues without interference by industry or government.


Why Safeskies needs your support

Safeskies is largely dependent on financial support from industry and government, as it works to maximize conference accessibility through low delegate fees.


Your return from supporting Safeskies

Your involvement with Safeskies will be internationally recognised.

You will be promoted widely as an ‘investor in aviation safety’.

Your organisation will be seen as a leader in aviation and associated with Safeskies’ uniquely authoritative and distinguished profile.

Your support will be acknowledged in all promotional material prior to and during the conference.

Involvement in industry discussions, networking and collaboration.